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Ikat, Kantha, block printed and woven pattern designs remain at the heart of Haveli. We aim to develop these traditional textile processes into contemporary design producing pieces that add comfort and happiness to the home. Fabric design continues to inspire Haveli daily and we relish at the opportunity in working with these diverse design methods. Our journey around the world searching for these wondrous fabrics advances, whilst we delight in discovering new textiles to work with.

 Block Print

This traditional printing process is around 4500 years old and is about precision, detail and life long skills that are passed down through families from generation to generation. This ancient printing technique was very nearly lost and was brought back to life by foreign travellers. The patterns found in our fabric collection, have been developed with highly skilled block printers in India to get the favoured aesthetic that comes from printing using a wooden block. To look at our fabric collection please click here


 Ikat is an ancient method of pattern making. The word derives from the Malay word ‘mengikat’ meaning to tie or bind. The pattern is executed with the end design being tied into threads which are then woven by hand and dyed (similar to tie dye). The Ikat process is incredibly skilful and is one of the oldest surviving weaving techniques and is used by makers from all over the world. Shop Ikat by clicking here.


 Kantha is a type of quilt that is meticulously created by stitching together layers of discarded cotton saris using a decorative running stitch, entirely by hand. They all have a delightful antique feel that evolves from authentic design. These charming pieces of textiles do not disappoint regarding colour, they are made in every colour under the sun. Kantha quilts are all completely unique and each tell their own story. Shop Kantha by clicking here.


 Haveli works with a diverse selection of woven fabrics, including Ikat. The majority of our woven collection have been carefully designed using exquisite fabric designs from Myanmar. These stunning fabrics have been woven by hand on wooden looms, which have also been made entirely by hand. This particular design process is woven on a 'backstrap loom' and has been around in Asia since the Bronze Age. Shop the woven collection by clicking here.

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